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24 Hours of Weather

Merit, 3x3 Illustration Award 2021


I captured my full day in my hometown Beijing, recording the places I went and the feelings I had when visiting these scenes. Peaceful, lazy, mixed with loneliness and boredom, that composed my daily life. Although when we look back on our lives, these mundane moments wouldn't be our most treasured ones, our life consists mostly of the daily stuff. I want to capture them, express them, and make these waste mundane yield gold.

24 Hours of Weather

2022. 4

One year later, when I came back to New York to continue my college. However, I found myself not able to fully experience my life, since I know I'm only a passenger here and everything feels temporary. Thus I decided to tale on this journey again to immerse myself in living my life again. I do regain my passion.

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