Ephemera is a kind of insect that has a short life span of only one day, and our life is as fragile as theirs. In this video, I tried to present and discuss absurdism in my own words.


Imagining this portfolio as an album, this animated signature of me would be the first intro song named "theme"


I captured my full day in my hometown Beijing, recording the places I went with my emotions mixed in it.


Merit, 3x3 Illustration Award 2021

Brahma is the Indian god who created the world and reincarnation. This video is my allegory of the cycle of life: being born and dying.


I designed this title sequence for one of my favorite films "Kaili Blues", a really beautiful stream of consciousness film about sorrow and farewells.


Merit, 3x3 Illustration Award 2021

I expressed my feeling of loneliness and loss in urban life: where am I, where to come, where to go, where.


Merit, 3x3 Illustration Award 2021

The particles that formed our bodies existed since the beginning of time. 

We are new to this world, but these particles are old as this world.


A story of space, love and carrots